What can we say, that hasn’t already been said about Glock.  This is a tried and true brand with unsurpassed reliability.  One just needs to do a quick youtube search and they can find countless videos of people attempting to get a Glock to fail.  They drop it, bury it, and burn it.  This weapon appears to be indestructible.  Countless law enforcement agencies have chosen this weapon as their duty weapon, and for good reason.  Because of this, when we went out in search of a handgun to review, it was an obvious choice.  We settled on the Glock 21 to check out.

As you likely know, the Glock 21 delivers the .45 ACP round without any hesitation.  The lightweight frame is only 835g empty, but feels more like a hand cannon when fully loaded at 1090g.   The standard magazine holds 13 rounds of pure stopping power.  The trigger pull is measured at 5.5 lbs.  We put over 1000 rounds through this weapon without a hint of trouble.  The brass ejected well, and the weapon performed flawlessly.

This weapon we tested was not a Gen 4, and therefore, no ability to change the grip or back strap.  It was also not the slim frame option.  Because of this, the double stack .45 ACP makes this a somewhat big gun to hold.  I am not necessary a small person.  At 6’2”, 215 lbs, I don’t have a small hand.  While I comfortable was able to use this weapon with tight groupings at 10, 15, and 25 yards, If my hand was any smaller, this weapon would have been to big to comfortable shoot.  If you do have a smaller hand, I would recommend the SF option.

Clean up on this weapon was a snap.  While most people barely clean their Glocks, I usually clean the after 500-1000 rounds.  Not necessarily because it needs it, but my OCD demands it.  It took about 30 minutes to get it stripped down, cleaned, and reassembled.

Overal, this is an amazing weapon.  It is dependable, reliable, and chewed up every type of ammo we could throw at it.  The Glock 21 is a larger hand gun, so take it to the range and make sure it feels good in the hand before purchasing it.  If you do purchase it, you won’t be disappointed.